The Problem

OCCU partnered with Strata looking for a revitalization of its brand and marketing communications strategy for both its retail banking products.

The Solution

Brand Development

  • Created the Seasons of Life campaign, promoting lending products for every stage of a consumer’s life.


Applied the campaign to all available marketing channels including e-mail, direct mail, in-branch signage, voicemail messaging, ATM screens and brochures.


Launched Voice Campaign

  • Research sampling supported the member preference for communication from the credit union by phone.


  • Leveraged existing communication channels and expanded into a voicemail messaging campaign for three months to reach members via the opt-in communication channel selected by each member.


  • Maintained a consistent and relevant communication message to raise awareness among existing members of additional products and services.

The Result

OCCU reported $40 million in mortgage loans that can be directly attributed to the Seasons of Life Campaign in the period from June to December 2007.

OCCU reported $3.6 million in home equity loans in just two months, in November and December 2007, as a result of the campaign.

When asked to rate the success of the various projects initiated by Strata on a scale from 1 to 10, OCCU gave an 8 to the brand culture training, and big 10s to the internal branding strategy and sales training of mortgage brokers.