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The Problem

Endocare, Inc. is an international medical device company focused on the development of urological healthcare technologies, therapies and solutions including innovative diagnostic and treatment tools for cancer and other diseases. Minnesota-based Timm Medical Technologies, Inc., acquired by Endocare in late February 2002, offers a variety of urology products including an office-based treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), as well as a number of products that diagnose and treat urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. The acquisition significantly expanded Endcare’s scope of products and services, which now consist of products to diagnose and treat prostate cancer and BPH, as well as diagnose and/or manage urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction and bladder cancer.


But the timing of the acquisition posed a significant challenge to Endocare’s marketing team and its agency partner Strata-Media: Endocare’s most important trade show—less than seven weeks away—was now to become the platform to launch the new Endocare—a “coming out party” if you will. With creative direction and production for the trade show already in the pipeline before the acquisition, was it possible to integrate two company brands into one in less than two month’s time? Not to mention the redesign of a new, larger 30’ x 50’ booth, development of an entire new line of new marketing communications and sales support literature, and launch of a pre-show promotional campaign to help drive traffic to the Endocare booth.

The Solution

  • From whatever it’s takes a.m. to whatever it takes p.m. (and yes, there were lots of “p.m.’s”).
  • Strategic, focused and rather incredible client planning and project management.
  • Commitment from all parties to meet extremely tight deadlines and near-impossible turnarounds – and to not lose our minds in the process.

The Result


  • Successfully rebranded and repositioned the “new Endocare”.
  • Assisted with the complete redesign of Endocare’s new 30’x50’ trade show booth including 36 product signs and patient testimonials.
  • Concepted, wrote, designed and produced on time (or sooner) an entire new line of four-color marketing communications & sales literature:
    • corporate brochure
    • three full product brochures
    • a mini product brochure folder with 17 product inserts
    • five product data sheets (in less than three weeks)
    • a corporate presentation folder
    • a DVD package
    • two pre-show direct mailers
    • a four-part ad campaign
    • a full-page advertisement promoting client support of a prostate cancer telethon
    • pre-show sales training materials
    • six customized promotional giveaways
    • two packaging projects
    • 24-hour last minute product naming and logo project
    • and believe it or not, a few “last-minute” stragglers


  • Generated 741 high quality physician leads––a 542% increase over 2001.
  • Contributed to record setting $4 million dollars raised for telethon—142% increase over last year.
  • Assisted in realigning and repositioning corporate culture of two formally separate companies.
  • Two bottles of ‘95 reserve champagne and a huge gift basket delivered to Strata—compliments of Endocare.