Founder Al Esquerra holds the intrinsic energy of infinite talent from blowing apart at the seams. He’s worked in advertising, design and marketing for more than 20 years and has been involved in virtually every area of the design and production of high-profile projects with companies you would know. He’s also won numerous awards and honors in the graphics and fine arts arena. Al’s education includes four highly distracted years at Chapman University studying psychology. Occasionally, in the middle of an agency meeting, he will look at you and say, “Now, tell me about your childhood.” Al attends specialty courses on design, advertising, branding, and e-business on a regular basis. He is the elder statesman of Strata-Media.

Al is also a fine artist. His artistic interests were broadened by observing artisans in the open markets of Africa as well as living and traveling in Europe. Sketching and watercolor are where his initial artistic yearnings developed. Since then he has gone on to study acrylics, plein air, photography and mixed media. His ability to use any raw material available to create an original piece is integrated into his approach of the world around him.
Al’s work has been prominently been displayed throughout Laguna Beach. His work may be also be viewed at his personal web site, esquerrastudio.com.